January 2020: WE WILL FIND YOU.

Is it possible in today’s world to hide from the camera? With this question the artists Lotte Geeven and Yeb Wiersma travel to New Mexico in search of someone who has never been photographed. Their quest begins in the desert village of Los Lunas, home to the native community of Pueblo Isleta and to Facebook’s recent built datacenter. While Facebook is storing billions of digital portraits, it is prohibited in Pueblo Isleta by law and tribal customs to take photographs. It is here within this charged territory, along Facebook’s fence line, where the artists witness the juxtaposed forces between the digital, physical and spiritual world. Their journey will result in a film installation (2024) questioning and redefining our position as human beings under the watchful eye of technology. (Stills: Historic Land Map Department, UNM + Gianni@UPS Store, Albuquerque.)

WeWillFindYou, Yeb Wiersma