June 2016: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A. PALULU (Expedition No.2)

On this second ‘This Teeming World‘ expedition, taking Merian’s ‘Book on Surinam Insects’ (1705) as point of departure, we will examine what the Surinamese plant world can teach us today about our Surinamese and colonial memory, history and culture. With ethnobotanist Tinde van Andel, Tropical ecologist Thiemo Heilbron, visual artist Lotte Geeven, Sabrina Lisse Venetiaan from Jursu Kultura and shaman Jurman Blackson. (Image: Yeb Wiersma, dried Busi Papaya plant for medicinal purposes)


The Art Magazine Metropolis M wrote a review:

Busi Papaya Plant, Yeb Wiersma