July 2016: (IN)TRANQUILO

For the exhibition Wiersma created the work ‘(In)Tranquilo’ consisting of a public intervention in collaboration with the sanitation department of the city of Rotterdam. The artist, together with the city’s cleaners, performed a ritual gesture prior to their morning departure. Pouring two plant based perfumes (Tranquilo + Intranquilo) into the water tanks of the city’s cleaning trucks. For one day the streets of Rotterdam will be cleaned and ‘cleansed’ with the medicinal and mystical properties of these Bot├ínica perfumes. With this fleeting, provocative moment the artist draws attention to the invisible care and labor of those keeping our streets, bodies and spirits ‘alive’. (Image Yeb Wiersma, 2016)


Review of this work in Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad can be read: Here.


Yeb Wiersma